Podcast 2016

The podcasts made by SOAS MA students of the Digital Communications class, 2016

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When the gun is replaced by the melody: How does music resist?

‘Even if they don’t have a message, the act of actually playing music itself is resistance,’ says Dr. Sara McGuiness. Classical Thai musician Luang Praditpairoh fought through the melodies of his songs surrounded by oppression; Ahmed Maher signed petitions to bring down the Morsi government in Egypt whilst at concerts around the country and the melody of an old Catalonian song travelled almost a century of different resistance movements. This is a podcast of musical adventures. Features conversations with musicians, writers and academics with special guest appearances from random people pulled off the street. Produced by Lara Sarlak, Fino Patanasiri, Diego M. Mosquera and Kelly O’Donovan Music by: Luang Praditpairoh - San Kumneung Maktoub - Kaf Sheikh Imam - El Bahr Byedhak le Hazem Shaheen and The Eskenderella Group - Safha Gedeeda Dina El Wedidi - El Haram Lluís Llach - L'Estaca Jacek Kaczmarski - Mury Habakuk - Mury Emel Mathlouthi and Yasser Jeradi - Dima Dima